Title Change

Just a heads up to my readers, because of a rule at Amazon about superimposing text, I’ve changed the title of A Halloween Tale to A Christmas Tale. So, there’s a slight change in the cover and the metadata.


Since that isn’t confusing enough, before next October, I plan to write a new story and call it a Halloween Tale, but it will be specifically set around that holiday. Why not? The metadata is already in place.

If you got a copy of the original cover, especially on a paperback, it could become a collector’s item if I ever get famous. You never know.


Getting Those First Reviews

I’ve sent copies of A Halloween Tale to several reviewers. So far one of them has posted 4 stars on Goodreads, but the review itself won’t be displayed until 22 December.

Front100That’s a good start! A 4 star review is very encouraging and I’m dying to see the actual comments.

The question is, what’s the best road to getting more reviews? The book will be on sale for $0.99 11-16 December, but free review copies are still available. I wonder if some of the others I’ve sent it too will eventually read and review? One person said she was saving it for a Christmas read, which is fair enough as it’s a Christmas story.

If you’ve read the book and have an opinion, just a few words on Amazon would be very appreciated. Many advertising sites require a minimum number of reviews before they will take a listing, and we want the world to know if it’s good, right? (Cue puppy dog eyes)