Special pre-order price!

Letters To The Damned has been scheduled for release on 1st October, 2016. As an introductory, the pre-order price in set at .99 for Amazon.com and Amazon UK, plus equivalent on all other Amazon sites. This price will go up on October 2nd, so be sure to get your order in early!

As the Look Inside feature isn’t in operation during the pre-sale period, I’ll drop a few teasers here on the blog over the next few weeks.

Just a small one to start:

Front300He stood up and put his mouth as close to the letter slot as he was able, then intoned the notes from the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The idea was to create an echo effect, if the metal box was empty. He quickly spun his head and pressed his ear against the opening, listening for subtle resonances from his voice echo.

He detected a dull ghost of the final note for a fraction of a second, too brief to be sure of what he might have heard, but it was immediately followed by something else. Cris pressed his ear harder to try to hear what sounded like a slightly deeper tone, sort of like a vibration right on the edge of detectable sound. To his surprise, it grew slowly louder and was joined by what sounded like a second voice in the higher pitch of the female range, harmonizing with the deeper tone.

Cris jerked his head back, astonished at what he was hearing. The tones grew louder so that he could hear them clearly a few inches from the slot. They were joined by more voices and swelled into a chorus of disharmony, like a sound effect in a Horror movie that depicted the lost souls of Hell in torment. He backed away slowly, but the voices increased in volume, keeping pace with him. Cris wondered if he turned and ran back to the bed and breakfast, would the voices continue to follow him, increasing their hideous modulations until the blasting sound woke the villagers and drew them out into the night to discover what he had done?


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