It’s October!

That most wonderful time of the year!

Where did this year go? In fact, where did the last three years go?

Well, once again, I’ve reduced the price of the Kindle version of A Halloween Tale for the full month of October. I was going to reduce the paperback as well, but Amazon says I’m already at rock bottom price.

Come play in a haunted house that doesn’t play by the rules!

It’s time for spooks and goblins, vampires and ghosts! A Halloween Tale is reduced to 2.99 for October!

Come join the fun!

On Amazon!


This is Halloween!

August has come and almost gone and time for trick or treat is nearly upon us!

Oh sure, we still have September and all that back to school malarkey to get through as well as most of October, but social media has brought Halloween forward this year with images of pumpkins and ghosts, witches and ghouls everywhere you look.

Part of this need to get into the spirit of Autumn holidays may be because Covid 19 has kept us all inside far too long. Close, enclosed parties still pose substantial risk and we’re far from out of the woods, but socially distanced trick or treat is on the cards for this year at the very least!

Or perhaps you prefer a quiet night in with a book. With that in mind, my Halloween story, A Halloween Tale, will continue to be priced at $2.99 on Kindle through 31 October. For the first time,the paperback has been reduced to rock bottom, $7.99/£6.99 UK, so don’t forget books make wonderful presents for all your friends birthdays in September and October!

As the nights get colder and getting into the spirit of Halloween becomes more appealing, what could be better than a good haunted house tale?

Get your copy now, before the cold starts creeping in. You won’t regret it!

Halloween Sale!

It’s October Eve. You know what that means?

Time to get your copy of A Halloween Tale for spooky October reading!

To make it easy, the Kindle version will be on .99 sale September 25 – 26, then for those who read on other e-readers, it will be released on Smashwords starting October 11th!

For readers of this blog only, the starting price will be, you guessed it, $0.99!

Watch this space for a coupon on October 11th!!

In Time for Halloween!


I have a new book to be released on or about the 18th October, 2019! Just in time for spooky reading.


Five teenagers enter the neighborhood haunted house looking for spooky adventures for Halloween. What they find is more than they bargained for, but now they can’t get out!

I’ve pushed myself to make this one scary. Introductory price will be 0.99 through Halloween. Happy scares!

This is Halloween!

It occurs to me that my last two posts have been about book sales, so let’s talk about something that everyone cares about, Halloween!

Halloweena1Who doesn’t love Halloween? Scary stories, lots of spooky looking treats and dressing up as… well… anybody or anything you like!

It’s a time to forget about trying to be cool and just put on your unicorn onesie and watch Horror movies with your friends!

HalloweenafoodPull up some extra snacks and tell your own stories and try to scare the bejeezus out of each other. What’s not to love?

HalloweenaBlackCatDid you know that in England, black cats are considered lucky? Yeah that thing about walking across you path. If you’re English, that’s extra special good luck!

So who are your favorite Horror novel authors? Everybody loves Stephen King of course, and his son Joe Hill has written some very original stuff, but there are some newer authors on the ‘up and coming’ list who are really worth reading! Among those are Tim Curran, Graeme Reynolds and Brian Keene. If you haven’t read these guys yet, get them onto your Halloween reading list, quick!

What about female Horror authors? We’ve all heard of Daphne Du Maurier and Shirley Jackson, but who among the newer authors should we be adding to our reading list? This is something I’m looking into so please leave your suggestions in the comments!


It seems the jack-o-lantern carving gets more creative every year and Halloween decorations have been having a resurgence. Halloween is becoming more fun than Christmas!

Weekend SaleOh, by the way, Letters To The Damned is on Kindle sale October 28 – 31 for .99 on Amazon US and Amazon UK. If you want a creepy story, this one has been getting 4 – 5 star reviews!

You didn’t think you were going to get away without a plug did you? 😉

Seriously, give it a try. You’ll be glad you did!

Halloweena2Have a wonderful Halloween everyone, and stay safe!

And don’t forget to leave your suggestions for spooky reads!