So This Is Christmas

And time for a good Horror story to make a day with the relatives look good.

Have you ever tried doing a seance? Just for fun?

That’s what Amber, Brittany and Lauren thought it would be. Just a party game on Christmas Eve. To try to raise the ghosts of past, present and future from the famous Charles Dickens novel.

But sometimes a little bit of fun can go very, very wrong.

On Kindle for just .99 or in paperback for only $9.99 through Christmas! Makes a great Christmas gift for the Horror lover in your life!

This is Halloween!

August has come and almost gone and time for trick or treat is nearly upon us!

Oh sure, we still have September and all that back to school malarkey to get through as well as most of October, but social media has brought Halloween forward this year with images of pumpkins and ghosts, witches and ghouls everywhere you look.

Part of this need to get into the spirit of Autumn holidays may be because Covid 19 has kept us all inside far too long. Close, enclosed parties still pose substantial risk and we’re far from out of the woods, but socially distanced trick or treat is on the cards for this year at the very least!

Or perhaps you prefer a quiet night in with a book. With that in mind, my Halloween story, A Halloween Tale, will continue to be priced at $2.99 on Kindle through 31 October. For the first time,the paperback has been reduced to rock bottom, $7.99/£6.99 UK, so don’t forget books make wonderful presents for all your friends birthdays in September and October!

As the nights get colder and getting into the spirit of Halloween becomes more appealing, what could be better than a good haunted house tale?

Get your copy now, before the cold starts creeping in. You won’t regret it!

Christmas Horror!

It’s that time of year again. The holidays loom large and there’s nothing we need more than an escape from the madness, this year more than ever. With that in mind, I’ve got a couple of sales coming up on e-book versions of all my books!

First up is Kindle. A Christmas Tale is .99 on Amazon RIGHT NOW! This includes all Amazon territories that allow that pricing. Go and order YOUR copy before Christmas when it goes back to regular price!

Now if you read Epub, from 18th December ALL my books are participating in the Smashwords End of Year Sale! The Holiday Tales books are both half price and Letters to the Damned is only $0.99! This sale finishes January 1st so get your copies while they’re hot!

A Halloween Tale Now Available in All E-Book Formats!

As promised, A Halloween Tale has been uploaded to Smashwords where you can get it in Kindle, Epub or PDF, even plain text.

Find it here

From now until Halloween it is priced at 99 cents. If you live in a country besides USA, it will be in equivalent currency. So the Brits pay around .77p depending on exchange rate that day, etc. No coupon necessary!

Enjoy a diverse haunted house tale this Halloween season for pennies! Regular price will be $2.99 as of November 1st.

Halloween Sale!

It’s October Eve. You know what that means?

Time to get your copy of A Halloween Tale for spooky October reading!

To make it easy, the Kindle version will be on .99 sale September 25 – 26, then for those who read on other e-readers, it will be released on Smashwords starting October 11th!

For readers of this blog only, the starting price will be, you guessed it, $0.99!

Watch this space for a coupon on October 11th!!

A Halloween Tale is Live!

AHalloweenTale300In time for Halloween reading! Get the spookiest haunted house story you’ll read this year!

On Kindle and in paperback. Other formats will follow.

Special introductory price .99 on Kindle until Halloween!

Five teenagers enter the neighborhood haunted house looking for spooky adventures for Halloween. What they find is more than they bargained for, but now they can’t get out!

Tesha has always been a practical girl and tries to stay out of trouble. When best friend Phillip, his brother and two other friends plan to break into the spooky house known as Number 23 Hazelwood Avenue on Halloween to see what all the stories are about, she wants nothing to do with it, but protecting her friends is in her nature.

The history of the house will reveal itself in unexpected ways through a diverse mix of discarnate entities and supernatural phenomena. The harrowing struggle Tesha and her friends face to escape the inherent evil that rules the house and its potentially lethal traps will haunt their nightmares forever… if they survive!


In Time for Halloween!


I have a new book to be released on or about the 18th October, 2019! Just in time for spooky reading.


Five teenagers enter the neighborhood haunted house looking for spooky adventures for Halloween. What they find is more than they bargained for, but now they can’t get out!

I’ve pushed myself to make this one scary. Introductory price will be 0.99 through Halloween. Happy scares!

It’s Out! Letters To The Damned is now available on audiobook!

Now available at Amazon or on Audible!

Cris Lopez has just lost his wife. His hopes of ending their separation ended with a freak accident that robbed him of even the chance to say goodbye.

When a tabloid newspaper prints an article about an uncanny post box in a small English village that supposedly transports letters to dead relatives, Cris’ natural scepticism is overshadowed by the thought that a change of scene might help him come to terms with his loss. However, the residents of the village refuse to discuss supernatural intervention and having long since abandoned his childhood faith, Cris’ logical mind won’t accept the outlandish tale.

Eerie voices and bizarre hallucinations plague him, and he begins to comprehend that whatever is behind the post box’s power doesn’t intend to divulge its secrets. Can Cris find the closure he seeks without invoking uncontained malevolence into the world of the living where the dead and damned can only enter by special invitation?